Zens 4-in-1 Wireless Charger (incl. Apple Watch Charger) reviewed

We review our first product from Zens, see more about their products here.

Zens 4-in-1 Wireless Charger (incl. Apple Watch Charger) reviewed

First up this is a nice looking piece of gear. Out of the box it works in a straightforward and logical way. It has a good design feel to it, with a decent solidity to it as well. It seems like it should offer some durability too. These are all pluses. It seems to be an Apple aligned, and even facing product though, for better and worse. New EU guidelines have come in to reduce the amount of separate cables for different devices, which is great, and arguably Apple were always one of the worst for having little to no compatibility with any other products.

We mention this because as several of the testers had android based watches and devices it raised some questions about whether this device, the charging dock, was actually charging the various devices. It seemed to play well with the Pixel for example, but for the Infinix there was less visual confirmation that it was doing the required job. There is a low tech work around where you can run a USB port cable from the charger to your phone. Overall we liked this product, but just remember that it might be a bit more loved for those Apple users in the household.

Product description

In the built-in Apple Watch holder you can easily integrate the Apple Watch MFi charging cable (included). Connect it to the USB-A port on the back of the charger and place your Apple Watch on the charging module to start charging. The built-in USB-A port on the side of the charger allows charging a fourth device, like your iPad or any other USB-A powered device.

The charger is made out of high-grade aluminium and comes with a 45W USB-C PD universal power adapter.


4-in-1 wireless charger to keep all your Apple devices charged
Wirelessly charges two devices simultaneously

Built-in Apple Watch holder to integrate Apple Watch MFi charging cable (included) and charge an Apple Watch

20W output (2 x 10W) with Apple Fast Charge

Built-in USB-A port to charge a fourth device

Made out of high grade aluminium

45W USB-C PD power adapter included

Extended 3 year warranty

Tech specs

Model number:ZEDC14B/00Type:4-in-1 wireless chargerCharges:2 devices wirelessly, 1 Apple Watch, extra device through built-in USB portOutput:20W (2 x 10W)Fast Charge:Apple Fast ChargeUSB-port:built-in USB-A port to charge fourth deviceProduct material:aluminiumCompatibility (wireless charger): works with all devices that support Qi wireless chargingCompatibility (watch module):works with all Apple WatchesCase friendly:works with most lightweight cases (< 3 mm)

Certification:Qi certifiedProduct dimensions (LxWxH):19,0 x 9,0 x 5,3 cmProduct net weight:228 grExtra included:Apple Watch MFi charging cable (30 cm)Power supply:45W USB-C PD power adapter (EU/UK/US)Power supply cable length:1.5 m

What’s in the box?

Zens 4-in-1 Wireless Charger Aluminium
Apple Watch Charger
45W USB-C PD power adapter (EU/UK/US)
User manual
Extended warranty registration card

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