Workhuman Makes Recognition Part of the Everyday Work Experience

More than ever companies of all sizes are adding workplace applications to meet the needs of dispersed, hybrid, remote and “work from everywhere” workplaces. As such, Workhuman®, the company revolutionising the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other in the workplace, has announced updated integrations with popular workplace software Microsoft Teams. The new integration ensures recognition remains an easy and seamless part of the everyday work experience, no matter what tools employees are using.

The integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy for employees to utilise the Workhuman CloudSocial Recognition tool right from where they are working, without disrupting their workflow. Some activities that can be done through the Workhuman Cloud integration include launching a recognition nomination, receiving an award notification, and reviewing the award social feed within a Teams channel.

“Integrating with Microsoft Teams puts Social Recognition in the ‘ecosystem’ where employees work and creates a culture that supports recognition and belonging. It removes the need for people to log in to another platform and makes recognising a colleague or team seamless,” said Chris Campbell, SVP of Product at Workhuman. “The integration with Microsoft Teams injects human connection into everyday tools employees are using to stay connected with their coworkers, especially during remote work. Social Recognition also elevates the award recipient’s experience above email notifications to create a moment of surprise and delight during the workday.”

How it works

While employees are chatting and collaborating within Teams and see the Recognition programme icon it will create an “aha” moment and remind them to recognise the people they are working with.
With the Workhuman Cloud integration employees can start an award nomination directly from Teams. They can nominate users they are chatting with or all members of their Team directly from the Team page. This eliminates needing to know how to log in to recognition, what the programme URL is, remembering and selecting all the right people to nominate and creates quick and easy recognition.
The award notification feature rises above emails as another touch point to alert employees and let them know they are recognised and appreciated.

Recent Gallup research found that 77% of global employees who feel they receive the right amount of recognition at work strongly agree they feel loyal to their organisation – 3x more than those that do not receive the right recognition at work. In addition, more than 70% of employees who have good recognition experiences at work rate their lives more positively overall and are more likely to be thriving in their everyday lives compared to those who are not being fully recognised.

Workhuman recently earned the number one spot on HRO Today’s Annual Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings. This is an independent analysis of feedback collected from more than 400 verified recognition customers and buyers. Workhuman’s valued customers, who are championing cultures of recognition and connection within their organisations, have made it possible for Workhuman to make this list of top recognition providers for the past 12 years. 

Workhuman has integrations with many of the most used employee productivity tools including Outlook, Yammer, and Slack. For more information about the Workhuman Cloud and how to integrate recognition and feedback into everyday workflows, please visit

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