Wisdom from the Wiser on Emerging Tech with Rick Huckstep

Wisdom from the Wiser on Emerging Tech

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Description: Tracking innovations by consumer brands with emerging Tech, is one of Rick Huckstep`s latest interests. Listen to our conversation about emerging Technologies that are shaping the future of the Internet and business.

Wisdom from the Wiser on Emerging Tech Rick Huckstep

Rick Huckstep https://rickhuckstep.com is a speaker, advisor, and investor. He looks for clues in what’s happening today to better understand what’s coming tomorrow and how these changes will impact our digital lives. Rick writes a weekly newsletter called Wiser! about the tech economy and has a podcast called Big Tech Little Tech. If you’re interested in learning more about Rick’s work, you can find him at rickhuckstep.com.

Dr. Efi Pylarinou is the No.1 Global Woman Influencer in Finance & the Data conversation by Refinitiv, a Top Thought Leader by Onalytica, and a Top Digital Futurist, Linkedin and Twitter Voice, by Engatica.

A seasoned Wall Street professional & a recognized technology thought leader on innovation topics. Founder of Efi Pylarinou Advisory servicing Big Tech, Financial Services and Fintech clients. She strongly believes in building bridges between the old and the new economy.

She shares her passion of content creation with her 190,000+ followers on Linkedin and 18,000+ on Twitter.  Join her on the social platforms https://linktr.ee/Efiglobal

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