Will there be AI for Everyone? Boaz Ashkenazy

Boaz Ashkenazy is the CEO and founder of Simply Augmented. He’s on a mission to equip small and medium sized companies with AI superpowers. Boaz talks to the Futurists about the prospect of fully automated corporations, digitally augmented workforce, and how every company can get started on the process of AI reinvention.

Boaz Ashkenazy, AI insights

Boaz Ashkenazy is an emerging voice on on the future of work and how to leverage AI into businesses operations and product offerings. His expertise includes product development, design thinking and building enterprise productivity tools from his time at Meta. He is also the host of the Shift AI Podcast which explores how AI and ML is changing the way that we work in the digital age through interviews with thought leaders who are redefining how businesses and employees will be impacted by emerging technology.

As CEO of Simply Augmented, Boaz is building an AI-first company with the mission of helping businesses leverage the power of generative AI to supercharge employees and accelerate productivity. Want to connect? Shoot me an email at hello@simplyaugmented.com

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