Why well being needs to be a business goal Cara de Lange, founder of Softer Success

Covid has helped usher in a change of how we work. Remote and hybrid working has become the new norm but there are also other work trends that we should be aware of such as Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing. Cara de Lange the founder of Softer Success talks to Ronan about this, what she refers to as the Work Reset Revolution and more.
Cara talks about her background, Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing, wellbeing and burnout. Cara also talks about bosses, trauma infused burnout, rewiring our brains, eradicating burnout, four day work week, and our inner wisdom.
More about Softer Success:
Softer Success is dedicated to improving employee wellbeing by providing evidence-backed burnout solutions for organisations. Leading in science, it works with the world’s top universities, researchers and psychologists to understand & resolve the causes of burnout in a hybrid work environment. Its ground-breaking, 90-second anonymous risk assessment ‘A Walk Through the Forest‘ quickly diagnoses the threat of burnout and toxicity in organisations.
The core ethos of Softer Success is to end the global burnout pandemic by changing the way we work. By offering companies solutions, workshops, talks and training courses which equip executives with the skill set to thrive in their working lives.
Softer Successes mission is to start a cultural revolution in the workplace that is laying the stepping stones for and helping the next generation profoundly. Their Burnout Proof’ programmes enable corporations to stress-proof employees & combat the risk of burnout.
Softer Success works on the ethos that knowledge is power. The more people who understand burnout, the better equipped we will be as a society to prevent it. By helping rewire our neural pathways, Softer Success delivers solutions that help employees connect better with their colleagues, understand what burnout is, assess the risk and help them find solutions to dissolve that risk.  
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