Why SuperApp Mania Is Gaining Popularity, Neha Mehta

While the question of whether SuperApp models will make it in the US or not remains unanswered, South East Asia, South Asia, India, Africa are embracing Super App models. Some countries have more than one SuperApp. The discussion with Neha Mehta is on SuperApps.

Super App models with Neha Mehta

She has authored the newly released book `ONE STOP`, by Penguin Random House.

Pre-order US https://buff.ly/3v1Jckf ; UK https://buff.ly/482JyWeNeha Mehta is a Lawyer and Sustainability expert focused on ‘People’, ‘Planet’ and ‘Prosperity’. As a former international civil servant, Neha has been involved in international affairs, multilateral diplomacy, policymaking, and development efforts towards SDGs on a global scale.

As the Founder of FemTech Partners, Neha’s work is at the helm of technology and innovation to amplify women’s voices and perspectives. Neha has worked with financial regulators to develop policies that address gender equality, financial inclusion, and climate change to build a more equitable and sustainable financial landscape.

These policies contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes and create a more responsible and inclusive financial sector. Neha’s portfolio of work includes FinTech, climateTech, inclusive finance, and sustainability. Neha is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI), and women in tech. She holds a Double degree in Law and Commerce and attended King’s College, London on Chevening Fellowship. Neha has over 18 years’ experience across Asia, Oceania and Europe.

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