Why Real Time 3D Is More Than The Metaverse, insights with Sylvio Drouin

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Why Real Time 3D Is More Than The Metaverse, Sylvio Drouin

Real Time 3D computing is vast, but most people are not aware of it. RT3D tech powers online and mobile games, digital twins, industrial simulations and the much-ballyhooed Metaverse. And it has important implications for training machine learning and autonomous systems. This week’s guest expert, technology innovator Sylvio Drouin, has been working at the forefront of RT3D for decades. Join us for a tour of the emerging 3D future.  Follow @sylviod

Sylvio is Senior VP at Unity Technologies (U:NYSE), where he is revolutionizing the game and enterprise industries with Unity, its breakthrough development platform for creating games and interactive 3D and 2D experiences across mobile, consoles, VR and AR platforms. Unity made games have been installed on more than 3.5 billions devices so far.

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