Why Hackathons can help prepare you for success, Dmitry Radkovskiy, Marsbase the First Defi OTC Desk

We catch up with Dmitry Radkovskiy to learn more about his journey and the exciting new project he is working on as CTO of Marsbase.

Dmitry Radkovskiy, Marsbase, Defi OTC Desk

Dmitry Radkovskiy’s brief biography

CTO of dOTC Marsbase. Developer and engineering manager with 15+ years of experience, open source contributor. In DeFi since 2018, winner of multiple web3 hackathons, including 0x + Coinlist Hackathon and EOS Global Hackathon Hong Kong.


The first decentralized OTC desk.  Make large crypto transactions while skipping order books and decentralized liquidity pools with smart contacts of Marsbase

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