Why Governance is the only ally of the Blockchain space, insights with Dr. Eelco Fiole

The FTX blowup is an opportunity to acknowledge that Governance is the only alley for the Blockchain space. The learnings from this year`s crypto events (not at all Balck Swans) offer important lessons for the Blockchain sector.

Dr. Eelco Fiole, a governance specialist with experience in the investment industry and the Digital Assets sector, is a frequent guest to discuss these topics.

Governance is the ally of Blockchain, Eelco Fiole


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Dr Eelco Fiole, CFA is co-founder and the managing partner of Alpha Governance Partners (alpha-gp.com), which is focused on governance for digital and sustainable investment management globally.
Eelco is also adjunct professor finance ethics at the Universities of Neuchatel and Lausanne. He is a risk governance expert with current board mandates in tokenisation, Web3, fintech, social impact, and sustainability.
A Dutchman, Eelco has almost 30 years in finance, of which over 15 years of board-, COO- and CFO-experience with multi-bn USD investment entities.

He holds a PhD in economics (Basel) and post-grad degrees in a.o. blockchain technologies (Barcelona) and  Social Innovation (Cambridge) and various professional designations.  Dr Fiole volunteers in various high-end professional bodies, and writes and speaks on governance in finance and blockchain. Deeply international, he has 20+ years of substantial private exposure to China. Eelco is the 2022 recipient of the Inspirational Leader Award of CFA Institute.

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