Why Coleraine is an ideal place to store your data, insights with Chris Boorman, Prescient Data Centres

We catch up with Chris Boorman to learn more about Coleraine and Prescient Data Centres who aim to delivery private cloud security for your data, allied with generating their energy needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Why Coleraine is an ideal place to store your data, Chris Boorman, Prescient Data Centres

About Chris Boorman, Business Development Manager, Prescient Data Centres

Hailing from Coleraine on the Causeway Coast, Chris Boorman, started his career designing leading edge Computer Systems for the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet Aircraft program with GEC Marconi Avionics in Kent. His England-based career took him to the likes of the City of London where he installed digital communication hardware systems, Netscape Internet Communications in a Sales and Marketing role, and Dublin’s Trinity Technology Group where he built Europe’s first fully online Bank (Enba / First-e), with Sun Microsystems UNIX technology, from IBM’s Data Centre in Dublin.

On returning to Northern Ireland he took on a role at BT Northern Ireland where he interfaced with all leading IT companies for BT amongst other functions before starting a business consultancy, working on a range of environmental technology projects. His return to ICT has included working with a number of local technology companies including Atlas Communications, bringing back his great breadth of technical experience in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Communications and Sustainable Technologies, and is now the Business Development Manager for Prescient Data Centres.

About Prescient Data Centres

Prescient Data Centres, Northern Ireland’s largest purpose-built, sustainably-powered, commercial data centre, is carrier neutral and designed to provide national and international businesses of all sizes with efficient and secure data centre capacity. With ultra-low latency networks to North America and mainland Europe, the £20m, 45,000 square foot Centre provides the ideal platform for organisations that need the ultimate global connectivity solution paired with reliability, security and energy efficiency.

Built next to the landing point for the Project Kelvin transatlantic fibre cable that connects Coleraine with Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Centre has capability for expanding customer equipment into six planned data halls, offering significant space for growing companies as well as tailored options for organisations with smaller space requirements.

Visit www.prescientdc.com or follow Prescient Data Centres on Twitter or LinkedIn or contact chris.boorman@prescientdc.com to discuss options for your company or to arrange a tour of the Centre.

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