Why AI now offers real business value, Oisin De Conduin, Xtremepush explains more

We chat with Oisin De Conduin, from Xtremepush about AI and how it can help businesses. Topics we look at include:

– Is it all hype or is there real business value in AI?

– What is it good at, where are the benefits?

– What are the pitfalls or things to watch out for?- How can a business start to take advantage of it?

AI’s business value, Oisin De Conduin, Xtremepush explains more

More about Oisin De Conduin –

Oisin De Conduin is the Director of Engineering at Xtremepush. He has 10+ years of experience in application modernisation, digital transformation, and cloud adoption. He is responsible for bringing innovation, security best practices, and ensuring a high quality of engineering across the platform, which is purpose-built for hyper-personalised omnichannel marketing. A key part of his role is looking at new and emerging technologies (like AI), and seeing how they can help unlock value for Xtremepush’s customers.

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Xtremepush is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform powered by a built-in CDP. It enables high-velocity companies to build, grow, and retain strong customer relationships through personalised, relevant, and timely communication.

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