What Could Go Right? Designing Our Ideal Future to Emerge from Continual Crises into a Thriving World reviewed

We look at this, frankly, positive take on the world, the future, and how things could be done differently. See more about Justin Bean’s book here.

What Could Go Right? Designing Our Ideal Future to Emerge from Continual Crises into a Thriving World reviewed

Thank goodness for books like this. You have to kick the doors open sometimes. Our kids in school are often lectured by teachers, who should know better, about what the world is, is not, and can, and can not be. Naturally, especially in rural Ireland, some of these statements are the product of a limited imagination rather than the actual reality of what is possible. You would hope that we are aiming not to limit our children’s aspirations but rather to flame them, to truly reach for the skies.

This book does a lot of positive myth busting, and exploring creative what ifs? We need more books like this. Yes we are in a dire place in terms of climate change, but equally we have had to endure decades of negative briefing by multinationals, who, clearly knew that climate change was real, but preferred to lobby to mitigate the awareness of this, so as to improve their financial bottom line. Truly unethical behaviour. Books like this need to be written, reviewed and distributed. We will be passing it on to our future builders and pushing back against those who are doomsayers and not willing to get their hands dirty to make a difference.

Well worth reading, immediately.

More about the author

Justin Bean is an impact-focused tech executive who has worked with Fortune 500s, Silicon Valley startups, and non- profit organizations to achieve triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit) results, as an intrapreneur, consultant, mentor, and thought leader.

He has authored many syndicated articles and has
been interviewed by the New York Times, The Hill, VERDICT, NBC, South China Morning Post, and others on topics ranging from smart cities, sustainable technology, AI and IoT, and industry solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and social issues. He holds an MBA in Sustainable
Management and BS in Sociology with minors in Economics and Business.

What Could Go Right? Designing Our Ideal Future to Emerge from Continual Crises into a Thriving World

More about the book

In WHAT COULD GO RIGHT? Designing Our Ideal Future to Emerge from
Continual Crises into a Thriving World (November 2022), leading sustainability
strategist Justin Bean offers an engaging and accessible guide to success in business and life.

Despite the doom and gloom we see every day, Bean says, the world around us is
actually is better shape than ever before in human history. However, with relentless news cycles and social media conversations fixated on dystopian futures, it can be difficult to envision what a better world would actually look like. But when we take a step back and focus on what the ideal is that we actually seek, we see crises as opportunities for change, and setbacks as opportunities to transform.

The good news is that social and technological trends are rapidly aligning to create enormous business opportunities we can and should capitalize upon—collectively, from the boardrooms to the streets, we can create a sustainable, abundant, and equitable future, while thriving in the process.

Distilling insights and tools from his years of experience with Fortune 500s, governments and startups, Bean highlights and details three key strategies to achieve an impactful, sustainable world:

Shifting our mindset from a cynical “What Could Go Wrong” to an empowered “What Could Go Right”

Identifying and capitalizing upon technological and sociological trends that will enable entrepreneurs,
professionals, and impact-minded people alike to create a sustainable, just future

Creating an “omni-thriving” world where individuals—and therefore humanity as a whole—can thrive

Presenting a refreshing outlook on our world, Bean invites readers to ditch the cynical narratives we’ve become accustomed to, urges us to envision an ideal future, and offers the tools to build it. A thought leader at the intersection of sustainable impact, business innovation, and technology, he seeks to educate, inspire, and empower readers to find their purpose, understand how to turn their visions into opportunities, and get busy building a better future for us all.

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