We have to be impressive Anne Keogh, CFO Ambisense

As diversity has become a major part of working life, it’s great to see an increase of women in senior management positions in Ireland. Anne Keogh is the CFO of Ambisense, and the perfect role model for women in business. Ronan talks to Anne about women in c-suite management role and more.

Anne talks about her background, what Ambisense does, why choices are good, women in c-suite management roles, mentors, and quotas at work. Anne also talks about being impressive, willing to learn from mistakes, what Michael Smurfit taught her, the art of the possible, work environments and having respect and manners.

More about Anne Keogh:

Anne is the CFO of Irish start-up and environmental analytics company Ambisense, an IoT and AI analytics business focussed on monitoring environmental risks including risks from climate change and Covid 19.

Prior to this, Anne was the CFO and COO of Pharmapod, an innovative cloud-based software developed by pharmacists for pharmacists to maximise patient safety across the global healthcare system. Anne also has 7 years experience in being a woman of the c-suite.

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