Water, Sustainability and Climate Change survey, high expectations for water conservation

The Water, Sustainability and Climate Change survey with a focus on water conservation consulted thousands of consumers across eight countries. The survey revealed:

74% of consumers believe businesses should make conserving water a high or essential priority;
Just 25% of consumers believe companies are taking the right amount of action to conserve water; and
More than 60% of consumers said they or a family member had trouble accessing drinking water.

Water, Sustainability and Climate Change survey, high expectations for water conservation

Ecolab Senior Vice-President and Market Head for Southeast Asia, Gregory Lukasik said, “We recognize the necessity of tackling water scarcity, especially in regions such as Asia, where 1.9 billion people lack access to drinking water and basic sanitation – with the global demand for water expected to increase by 40% by 2030. Accelerated solutions are as crucial as ever, and we must continue prioritizing water stewardship to keep up with consumer demands. Our progress at Ecolab sets the foundation to push further and work hard with our customers and communities to improve the efficiency of all our water supplies.”

Each year on March 22, World Water Day elevates water and sanitation issues. The theme for 2023 is “Accelerating Change” and urges continued progress towards U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 6. Ecolab highlighted the company’s leadership role across a full year of change and progress to mark the occasion.

Highlights from the company’s Year in Water include:

Ecolab helped our customers conserve 215 billion gallons of water in 2022, equivalent to the drinking water needs of nearly 730 million people. By 2030, Ecolab aims to help customers conserve 300 billion gallons of water each year, equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of 1 billion people.
Ecolab joined DuPont, Gap, Inc., Reckitt, Starbucks and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation to provide $139.9 million in investments in WaterEquity’s Global Access Fund IV to help improve water access, sanitation and hygiene for up to 5 million people in water-scarce regions including Southeast Asia.
Ecolab launched the Ecolab Water for Climate program to help companies respond to the intensifying impacts of the energy crisis, climate change and water scarcity. The program is designed to address these challenges by providing holistic solutions including auditing, consulting, engineering, advanced chemistries and digital technologies that help support reduce, re-use and recycle water strategies across an enterprise.

Accelerating change through the power of water is core to Ecolab’s purpose to improve the health of people, the planet and businesses worldwide. The company shares its expertise in smart water use with customers to help them reduce, reuse and recycle water in their operations. In addition to supporting effective water use, Ecolab’s solutions help customers use energy more efficiently, reduce waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions to advance a more sustainable future.

To learn more about how Ecolab works with customers to help solve the world’s most complex problems amid a changing landscape, visit www.ecolab.com/expertise-and-innovation/people-planet-business-health.

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