VR2000 earphones reviewed, for gaming and VR

We look at the VR2000 earphones from Final. See more about their products here.

New VR2000 earphones

Wherever you are based these should come in at under 100 dollars, euros or pounds, by a long way, which means they are not going to break the bank. Final are a new company to us, hailing from Japan. Out of the box our testers liked the look and feel of them. The goal of the designers is to enable you to hear each and every note, and ping of sound stories going on around you.

For our testers they felt that these earphones made a good stab at trying to achieve these goals. They also sat well into the ears. You might like your earbuds cable free, but this is perhaps a pros and cons topic. Maybe this opinion is too old school but wireless and cable free does make individual, unconnected earpieces much easier to lose. So this is perhaps a question of horses for courses. These may well have been good stocking fillers, or, looking forwards Valentine’s Day or birthday presents. If you also factor in how much some other earbuds cost then these do offer good bang for their buck.

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For close to five decades, Final has long proven their mastery of all things hi-fi. Starting in 1974 with the development of high-end turntable cartridges, amplifies and CD transports, and more recently moving onto portable audio with their award-winning headphone and earphone models – final’s experience and insight is unmatched.

Primarily designed for gaming and VR, the VR2000 can also be utilised to get the most out of live recordings, intricate electronic music, ASMR and the latest advancements in Dolby Atmos technology. Unlike typical earphones, the VR2000 has been designed to provide a spatial listening experience with a naturally vast soundstage and the ability to hear each and every sound individually separated with absolute clarity.

The VR2000 offers gamers fast-response times and pin-point accuracy to enable swift reactions without dulling instantaneous judgments. Focusing on the response to swift and precise sound is what sets the Final VR2000 apart as gaming earphones.

With the VR2000 Final has turned its attention to gamers, VR users and the captivating world of ASMR and immersive audio. Using newly designed ‘f-Core DU’ custom-made dynamic 6mm drivers developed in-house, final has been able to tune the VR2000 to extract every detail from your digital surroundings.

Whether playing a first-person shooter, exploring virtual worlds, relaxing to mediative ASMR or listening to a live jazz recording – the VR2000 will transport you into the heart of the action and deliver an experience like never before with no sound going unheard.

Hear distant footsteps and gunfire as though you were in battle yourself. Feel every reaction from a stadium full of thousands of spectators. Transport yourself to a 1970’s jazz club and hear every note played as though you were there.

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