Vodafone Launches Gigahome – an All-in-one Solution for Reliable Connectivity

Vodafone Ireland has launched GigaHome, an enhanced broadband experience with improved coverage, connection, and protection technology. GigaHome combines three of Vodafone’s broadband innovations – Super Wi-Fi , Always Connected, and Secure Net for broadband you can always rely on.

The bundle is available to new and existing Vodafone fibre broadband customers at the reduced price of €10 per month (RRP €12.99). GigaHome gives users an enhanced broadband experience with no interruptions and coverage that spans every corner of your home. It also offers digital protection and parental controls to suit a variety of needs.

GigaHome combines three of Vodafone’s existing broadband technologies: Super Wi-Fi, which ensures that customers get high-speed Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. Always Connected, will automatically keep customers connected to the internet via their mobile network if a broadband outage occurs and Secure Net, a digital protection product that ensures time online is spent safely.

Speaking on the launch of GigaHome, Anita Carra, Consumer Director at Vodafone Ireland said: “We understand how essential reliable, secure, and fast broadband is for our customers. GigaHome combines three of Vodafone’s signature innovations to give our customers the most comprehensive broadband experience possible.

GigaHome will give families peace of mind knowing they have a secure and reliable service that will not be compromised. Vodafone are the only provider in the market offering these three services in one unique offering and are pleased to continue to offer the best-in-home connectivity to our customers.”

To find out more about GigaHome, visit  www.vodafone.ie.