Vodafone Ireland announces series of new initiatives to reduce energy use and create a more sustainable network

Vodafone Ireland has announced a series of new initiatives designed to reduce its energy consumption and create a more sustainable network, including becoming the first of Vodafone’s market to rollout a new Intelligent Energy Management System.

The business has implemented an innovative machine learning algorithm across the 4G network to analyse traffic patterns in real-time, allowing the operator to reduce congestion and ultimately reduce energy consumption by 10 to 15%. The system is currently being extended to its 5G network and is a key part of the company’s strategic ambitions to optimise, scale and operate its existing infrastructure through automation, ultimately building smart networks.

This type of smart network programme supports the delivery of a seamless connectivity experience for customers at a time when data usage is at an all-time high, growing 45% year on year – one of the highest European growth rates within the Vodafone Group.

Additionally, Vodafone through its partnership with Vantage Towers, has identified three trial sites for Solar PV energy saving initiatives. With eight PV panels delivering theoretical 3.2 Kw output, this would generate 3 Mw of energy in a full year and an estimated energy saving of 13.5%. In Ireland, Vodafone’s entire operations – including its mobile and fixed networks, retail and offices – are already 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources. The use of solar and wind energy at sites is the next step to achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions.

The business is also investing in a new pilot to test the use of lithium-ION batteries instead of lead batteries at three key transmission hub sites, allowing them to run off grid during busy periods and ultimately reduce their dependency on the grid. In addition, all of Vodafone’s network equipment is recycled or used by another market, and all network waste will be reused, resold, recycled by 2025.

Vodafone Ireland Chief Network Officer Sheila Kavanagh said: “Sustainability is central to the digital society we are striving to build and as a business, we are taking clear and decisive action to address the climate crisis. Through the use of new and emerging technologies and alternative energy solutions, we are making our own operations greener, and helping our customers make greener choices.

“The digitisation of our network, creating what we call ‘smart networks,’ is the future and a core part of our strategic ambitions as we evolve our business beyond connectivity and into IoT technologies, collaboration, cyber security and cloud solutions to deliver smarter outcomes for our customers. These initiatives are just some examples of the ways in which we are adopting innovative, sustainable and creative methods to reduce the energy consumption of our networks and optimise the connectivity experience, even as data usage continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. The results provide further proof that smart networks can support seamless service delivery while also contributing to our sustainability goals.”

In parallel to their net zero ambitions, Vodafone aims to use the network, technologies and services and products it offers to customers to support them in achieving their own ESG goals. As a Group, Vodafone aims to support customers to reduce their emissions by 350Mt between 2020 and 2030.

Across their retail and sales channels, Vodafone is also encouraging customers to #Swithtogreen and change their relationship with the lifecycle of technology with initiatives like, E-SIM, eco-rating on phone purchases, ‘Fix & Go’ and Trade-in of smartphones to be repurposed or recycled. 

For more information on Vodafone Ireland’s sustainability initiatives click here.

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