Virgin Media Ireland Partners with ServiceNow to Achieve Operational Resilience and Deliver Better Customer Experiences to over 1 million Irish Households and Businesses

ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, has announced that Virgin Media Ireland will standardise its service assurance and operations capabilities on the ServiceNow Platform. Virgin Media Ireland, the country’s leading connected entertainment cable and broadcast business, is using the ServiceNow Platform as part of its effort to partner with retail service providers to deliver high-speed, uninterrupted broadband services to over 1 million households and businesses across Ireland.

In order to increase network speeds, and provide reliable uptime and proactive customer service, Virgin Media Ireland has embarked on a €200m network upgrade and long-term strategy to enable speeds of up to 10Gbps and delivered through wholesale access for retail service providers.

“At Virgin Media Ireland, we’re committed to innovating for our customers and investing in Ireland’s long-term digital future and connectivity needs,” said Monika Nowak-Toporowicz, Chief Technology Information Officer at Virgin Media Ireland. “Our partnership with ServiceNow is critical as we look to transform old ways of working to be more agile and scale to meet the needs of our customers to deliver the exceptional, transparent experiences that are expected by every customer in today’s digital world,” concluded Monika.

While the future and direction for Virgin Media Ireland was clear, the company was challenged with silo-based IT structures, network and care teams operating in isolation. With limited integration between service assurance platforms, therefore increasing the overhead required to manage customer service requests and reducing operational efficiency.

To meet these demands, Virgin Media Ireland needed an automated platform that could eliminate the manual work and help break down siloes between network and customer care teams that hamper efficiency and service. With the Now Platform, Virgin Media Ireland is now enabled to achieve real-time visibility on the root causes of issues and take corrective action, monitor and prioritise issues based on customer impact and business value, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by proactively notifying customers of network issues and resolution, all while reducing costs.

“As the telecom ecosystem continues to expand, it’s increasingly complex for providers to deliver the high-quality, reliable service that we all rely on. Yet, it’s a critical differentiator and one that they must get right,” said Jordi Ferrer, VP & General Manager of UK&I at ServiceNow. “Anytime, anywhere uninterrupted service and proactive customer care is not only wanted but expected by every customer today. We’re proud to partner with Virgin Media Ireland as they leverage the power of ServiceNow’s solutions to deliver next-level customer experiences.”

With ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management and Telecommunication Service Operations Management, Virgin Media Ireland is connecting customer and service operations and using the power of AI to proactively monitor service health across complex networks, identify and address problems quickly, and improve communications between customers, care agents, and operations teams.

Additionally, with the use of ServiceNow Impact, Virgin Media Ireland is able to accelerate time to value and immediately showcase the return on its digital investments by way of AI-powered recommendations, expert guidance, and premium tech support and tools in a personalised digital experience.

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