Velacor Eyes Partnerships with Irish Clinics

Velacor, an Irish medical tourism platform established by Co. Kildare entrepreneur Eric Lawless, is thrilled to announce a planned partnership with Irish clinics. This partnership is driven by a commitment to providing clients with a comprehensive range of convenient and affordable options for cosmetic procedures, both in Ireland and overseas.

Eric Lawless, Founder of Velacor, said, “Our mission is to be the trusted guide for clients navigating the complex landscape of the cosmetic procedure industry. We empower them with the knowledge and support needed to make informed choices, whether they opt for treatments locally or overseas.”

Irish clinics partnering with Velacor can anticipate a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring the highest standards in qualifications and patient care. This meticulous assessment aims to champion clinics that operate with unwavering excellence in their respective fields.

Successful clinics will gain exposure on Velacor’s platform, boosting brand awareness and fostering trust among potential clients seeking top-tier cosmetic procedures.

Velacor plans to operate on a collaborative basis with Irish clinics, without imposing subscriptions or membership fees. Instead, the company utilises a commission-based model, charging a fee only on bookings made through Velacor.

Eric said, “Our commitment lies in fostering an environment where clinics can thrive and expand their reach. We aim to be a supportive partner, working with clinics to help them grow and succeed by promoting their expertise and services.

“This approach empowers clinics to connect with a broader clientele base while instilling trust and confidence among those seeking quality medical and cosmetic care.” 

He continued, “We want to be the platform that offers comparisons and viable choices for patients in Ireland, whether they decide to stay in Ireland or explore international options.” 

Irish clinics interested in finding out more about partnering with Velacor can reach out by contacting

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