Untold.io tell the story of Kohola and the Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis

Today it was announced at the United Nations General Assembly that the first and only SEC-regulated equity crowdfunding platform focused solely on content investing, is having a fundraising kick-off for the newest environmental film, ‘Kohola’*, bringing awareness to the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

Untold.io Founder and CEO, Ali Aksu, will project details at a private gathering during General Assembly Week on September 22 at 5pm ET in New York City to highlight the film, which is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Greg Reitman.

The services rendered by Untold.ie are a variety of content projects with a special focus on impact-driven areas that not only entertain but educate and inspire the audience to solve real-world problems, such as the ocean pollution crisis. Their ecosystem prioritizes the SDG/ESG blueprint when it comes to vetting the area of impact for a specific project. Their wish is to democratize film production by allowing both accredited and non-accredited investors a first-of-its-kind opportunity to invest in films for as little as $1,000 USD, without the need for big studio support.

“By 2024, the UN predicts that there will be more plastic than fish, which only begins to describe the gravity of the current ocean pollution crisis,” said Ali Aksu, CEO of Untold.io. “We built our crowdfunding platform to support causes like this, and to provide a real opportunity for impact investment, and we’re pleased to bring more awareness and support at the United Nations General Assembly Week.”

‘Kohola’ takes an in-depth look at the ocean crisis through the eyes of Kohola, a humpback whale, and her family. The parallel story takes place over a five-year span, tracking the history of plastic consumption alongside the impact on humpback whales and other marine life. Where ocean creatures once swam freely, the film depicts the steep decline of life as a result of plastic pollution. The film trailer is available below.


The Hawaiian word kohol? refers to reef flats as well as the humpback whale, perhaps linking the spray of the waves on the reef with the spray from a whale’s blow.

Untold.io intends to accelerate the film’s production by opening up investment opportunities to the broader public.

For more information on Untold and Kohola, visit Untold.io.