Ugreen Unveils Revodok Series Hubs & Docking Stations

Ugreen, a global leader in consumer electronics and charging technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its Revodok Series Hubs and Docking Stations. Under the banner “Expand Your Creativity,” these new products cater to diverse user demands and comprise three distinct series: Revodok Max Series, Revodok Pro Series, and Revodok Series.

Ugreen Revodok Series Hubs&Docking Stations, expanding User Creativity & Empowering Productivity
The Revodok Max 213, the premier product of the Revodok Max Series, is specifically tailored for professionals in fields like media, data/financial analysis, photography, audio/video production, engineering, and design. It epitomizes “Ultra-high Speed and Ultra-high Efficiency”, facilitating seamless collaboration and productivity in multi-device offices and high-performance equipment settings.

With its Thunderbolt 4 interface, the Revodok Max 213 offers a remarkable 40Gbps transmission speed, providing rapid file transfers. It also functions as a flexible monitor interface, ensuring smooth connectivity without sacrificing performance. Professionals can enjoy a single 8K, 30Hz display setup for Windows, or a dual 4K, 60Hz display with Mac models that have the M1/M2/M3 Pro, Max & M1/M2 Ultra chips, and Mac models that support two external screens for varied content display.

Designed to cater to the varied needs of professionals, the device comes with 13 ports, providing a wide range of connectivity options. There’s a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, perfect for high-performance computing, multimedia transmission, and large-scale online data transfers. The Max 213 supports 90W fast charging, ensuring devices are charged quickly and efficiently. It also provides dual TF/SD card reading ports which are great for professionals who frequently use memory cards.

The Revodok Max 213 is compatible with computers that have Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, and USB-C interfaces. Protecting the internal parts, there is an enhanced heat dissipation system, featuring a triple heat dissipation design with an aluminum shell, two-sided thermal aluminum sheets, and built-in heat dissipation silicone which guarantees optimal performance even during prolonged use. Priced at £399,99, the Revodok Max 213 will be available at Amazon and Ugreen website in mid-February with discount.

All four variations of the Revodok Pro Series are dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience, encouraging users to “Enjoy the Prime Experience” as its primary focus is to cater to professionals such as developers, financial analysts, gamers, product managers, educators, graphic designers, content creators, and more. The Revodok Pro 210, for example, supports 8K HDMI to a single screen for Windows, high refresh rates, and dual 4K, 60Hz output for smooth visuals.

It offers 85-watt fast charging for extended gaming or work sessions. The Gigabit Ethernet port ensures a stable, fast internet connection for high-stakes gaming or crucial video calls. Also included is a USB data interface for simultaneous multi-device connection, guaranteeing seamless interaction. Priced at £69,99, the Revodok Pro 210 is available both at Amazon and Ugreen’s website with a 34% discount.

The Revodok Series is another series in Ugreen’s long line of products, tailored to meet the needs of individual users.