Ugreen Revodok Pro 210 10-in-1 USB-C Hub Review

Ugreen has launched a new range of docking stations and hubs. The different products available fall into the Revodok, Revodok Pro, and Max series aiming to cover the needs of everyone, from a home user to a professional user with specific requirements.

We’ll be taking a look at the Revodok Pro 210 10-in-1 USB-C Hub today, but we will also be looking at some of the other models in the range in the near future.

As the name suggests, the Pro 210 is a USB C hub that includes 10 additional connections. Those extra connections include a Gigabit ethernet port, SD and Micro SD card slots, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB C ports (1 which is for pass-through power) and 3 USB A ports.

So, to take a look at the functions of all of those connections more closely, the first UBS C port can accept a 100-watt input and can pass 85 watts through to the devices connected to the hub.

The next USB C port and one of the USB A ports are capable of 5Gbps data transfer, while the remaining two USB A ports are aimed at connecting an external mouse and keyboard. Both of these ports are capable of 480Mbps data transfer.

Both memory card slots can be used simultaneously to read or write data. The ethernet port is capable of speeds of 1Gbps when connected to a router.

That leaves the two HDMI ports to discuss. Their capabilities are a little different depending on whether you connect one or two additional monitors, and there are also differences between Mac and Windows users. They break down as follows:

For Windows users, connecting a single extra monitor, the Revodok Pro 210 supports up to 8K @30Hz. If you drop to a 4K monitor, the dock supports this resolution at 60Hz, and it is possible to achieve a 120Hz refresh rate at either 2560×1440 or 1080P. For Mac users, the 8K option is not available, but all of the other resolutions and refresh rates are the same.

If you connect a second monitor with Windows, then you can have a three-screen setup with the laptop screen and two additional, different screens. In this setup, the max resolution supported is 4k @30Hz.

For Mac users, you can extend the screen to one other monitor. If you connect a second monitor, it is only possible to mirror the first additional monitor. It is also possible to mirror the laptop screen to the two other monitors should you wish.

Sadly, we didn’t have an 8K monitor or TV on hand to test out that feature of the dock, but we do have dual 4K, 60Hz monitors in our office to try out how they perform with the Revodok Pro 210. With both Windows and Mac, the additional screens worked without any connection issues or lag.

To test the pass-through charging and data transfer between connected devices, I connected the dock to my MacBook Air, connected a 100-watt Nexode charger we recently reviewed from Ugreen and then connected an external SSD drive via USB C, a spinning external HDD to the faster USB A port along with an SD and Micro SD card.

Transferring between the Mac and the connected SSD was blazing fast, as you would expect. I transferred a 5.1GB folder of images from the drive to the Mac in 11 seconds and transferred the folder back to the drive in 15 seconds.

Transferring to the HDD maxed out a little below its max write speed as expected, and writing to both the SSD drive and HDD at the same time only slowed the transfer speeds marginally.

I then transferred a folder with 704MB of images between both SD cards. This was surprisingly fast, taking just 28 seconds.

Ugreen Revodok Pro 210 Conclusion

I use a MacBook Air as my main device when I am out of the office. Having just two USB C ports, I have a collection of similar docks in my laptop bag and in drawers in the office. I’ve often found them to be quite hit-and-miss when it comes to reliably connecting and then maintaining a connection when multiple devices are attached. I have had no such issues with the Revodok Pro 210, and everything has worked exactly as expected every time. I think its ability to pass such high-wattage charging through to the connected devices plays a big part in this, so everything gets enough power, especially while transferring large files or folders.

The Revodok Pro 210 is a high-quality dock, which I can happily recommend, considering it is also priced very competitively. At the time of writing this review, it is retailing at €50.12 on Amazon UK.

You can find out more about the Revodok Pro 210 on the Ugreen website here.