Two types of fraudster Conor Burke, CTO and Co-founder Inscribe

As AI becomes more sophisticated it also becomes part of our daily lives and is now ubiquitous. Businesses now use AI to do various tasks such as fraud detection. One company who has AI at its heart is the Irish founded start-up Inscribe and it’s CTO and Co-founder Conor Burke talks to Ronan.

Conor talks about his background, what Inscribe does, how AI has helped Inscribe and more.

More about Inscribe:

The San Francisco-headquartered start-up was founded in 2017 and opened it’s Dublin office in December 2018. The AI-powered fraud detection and document automation platform recently announced new features to meet demands for better risk management and faster customer approvals along with a 3x Y-o-Y increase in ARR. Among the new features are Credit Analysis and AI-powered bank statement automation tools to enable businesses to approve more customers in just seconds vs. 30 min.-4 hours compared to competitors.

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