Trainees Needed in Intelligent Automation as Career Prospects Surge

There’s been a call for more people to learn Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the launch of a new course that offers paid traineeships in a rapidly growing sector. Examples of RPA include the technologies that have facilitated faster turnaround of passport applications, quicker timelines on Garda vetting and improved processes in the HSE.

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows people to configure robots or computer software to execute a business process. RPA robots utilise the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems in order to perform a vast variety of tasks.

In partnership with the ABP School of Automation, Limerick / Clare ETB offers a paid traineeship in RPA that can be done entirely remotely. People who sign up to the course who are eligible for benefits will earn the equivalent of these benefits (€220 per week) during the 12-week introductory phase. This money increases at traineeship level, with payment ranging from €340 up to €460 per week. A Junior Developer in RPA will earn between €30,000 and €35,000 per annum and the profession has an earning potential of €60,000 per annum when people reach Developer / Consultant stage, which can be achieved within five years.

Marlena Woloszyn completed the 12-week introductory course in October 2022 and is doing her traineeship with the Department of Education, fully remotely from her home in Castlebar, County Mayo. Marlena says the opportunity couldn’t have come along at a better time: “I had lost my job when I was seven months pregnant. The Department of Social Protection had been helping me seek other employment and informed me about the course.

Remote learning was a must for me as I had a four-month-old baby at this stage and travelling was not an option. I loved the course, everyone was really helpful and no one ever made me feel like I couldn’t be an RPA developer; the attitude was that they were there to help me become one. It’s a great culture, the course facilitators are understanding, people-oriented and friendly.”

Daniel O’Connor from Wexford completed his traineeship in September 2022 and now has a permanent job with the HSE as an RPA Developer. He says the work that he and the team are doing is proving invaluable in terms of efficiencies: “At a recent conference it was highlighted how the RPA team in the HSE saved the equivalent in hours of three years worth of work.

For example, Garda vetting is now automated and not handled by humans at all anymore, and that’s just one way in which the e-health platform we work on has improved efficiencies. We’ve so many other projects like this to work on in the coming years. This automation frees up staff to do other work, and saves the HSE a huge amount of money. All that money is going back into services, where it’s desperately needed.”

Daniel says he would ‘absolutely encourage’ anyone to do the course if you have any level of interest in technology. “It’s fascinating to see how a robot can manipulate itself to copy the work you would do yourself. The platform we used on the course is very user friendly and the course leaders really encourage people to find solutions to challenges, which helps greatly in the learning process.”

Marc Cooper is CEO of ABP School of Automation. He says there is strong demand for RPA Developers in both the public and private sectors: “RPA is quickly emerging as one of the most important facets of modern workplaces and we only have to look at the improvements in efficiencies it’s brought about in government departments to see its worth.

We urgently need to close the skills gap to meet demand and would strongly encourage school leavers or those looking for a career change to consider the course at Limerick / Clare ETB. People can undertake the training from anywhere in the country and will immediately begin earning money once they do.”

The deadline for application for a traineeship in Robotic Process Automation at Limerick and Clare ETB is 10th April. To apply visit