Train Pack App Aims to Eradicate the Loneliness of Long Distance Running

An Irish developer has launched a free app to help runners find company on their long (and not-so-long) runs.

The app is available to Irish users on Apple & Android now via Runners can share their planned runs (distance, pace, start point etc) and other runners can find them & join them. Simple. The app aims to stop people from needlessly training alone.

In the run-up to the Dublin City Marathon the roads were jammed full of runners, all training for the same thing, many with identical goals, yet mostly training on their own. Silent, long miles that could (and should!) be shortened by some company, chat & craic. Irish developer & runner Stephen O’Sullivan decided to do something about it and Train Pack was born.

Why does running in a group make sense? O’Sullivan says “It is a great way to make the long miles shorter and to make fast paces feel easier. The chat really helps, you forget you are working hard, your brain forgets to complain. Also running in a group is safer than running on your own, particularly with darker Winter roads ahead of us now. Lastly, you might not always show up for yourself, but you will show up if some poor soul is going to be standing in a puddle waiting for you.”

The Clubs functionality can also be used to arrange club training sessions, and our two-wheeled friends have not been neglected either – the app can be used to arrange group spins.

Train Pack is dedicated to helping runners achieve their potential, one run at a time. Get the app now at