Tokenised Infrastructure and the Untapped Opportunity of NFTs

The potential for NFTs to disrupt traditional asset classes is vast, offering new avenues for investment and ownership. The growth of the NFT market, estimated to reach $1.3 billion in 2023, is a testament to the increasing demand for tokenised assets. As the technology and infrastructure around tokenization and NFTs continue to evolve, it is likely that we will see an increasing number of asset classes being tokenised, leading to a more efficient and accessible financial system. In this article we discuss why a Tokenised Infrastructure is so important in this sector.

Tokenised Infrastructure and the Untapped Opportunity of NFTs

At its core, tokenization is the process of taking an asset and representing it as a digital token on a blockchain. tokenised infrastructure, in the form of tokenised hashrate, is a recent development which provides a way for individuals to gain exposure to both bitcoin and bitcoin mining without having to purchase and run expensive mining hardware themselves.

Opening up new realms of possibilities

Given the ease of purchase, exchange-grade liquidity, and low barriers to entry, hashrate tokens are a great way for people to gain exposure to the mining sector and provide access to a wider range of revenue-streams. In addition, the tokenization of sustainable infrastructure can address some of the fundamental challenges in the financing of the asset class, such as lack of liquidity, high transaction costs and limited transparency, as well as solving power supply issues, ecological concerns, and future-proofing the industry as a whole.

Tokenised infrastructure also opens up a world of new possibilities for the financial industry. A number of initiatives are already underway exploring the full potential of tokenizing traditionally indivisible assets.

While tokenisation presents a multitude of opportunities, there is still a pressing need for consistent global regulation and the evolution of production-grade solutions. As investment in tokenization technology intensifies and its advantages become increasingly apparent, financial institutions will be encouraged to strategize and plan the necessary infrastructure – to position themselves for success in the tokenised finance of tomorrow.

The Cudos blockchain has been designed from the ground up to support tokenised infrastructure development. Cudos leverages cutting-edge technology to create a scalable, fast and secure network that has cross-chain interoperability at its core to handle the demands of modern financial transactions. As a highly modular blockchain, Cudos allows developers to build custom applications that can take advantage of its powerful underlying infrastructure, making it an ideal solution for projects that support tokenised infrastructure.

An NFT Marketplace for hashrate collectibles

Aura Pool is the world’s first NFT marketplace for hashrate collectibles, leveraging tokenization to bring liquidity to otherwise illiquid assets by tokenizing hashrate. Hashrate is the total amount of computational power used to process and verify transactions on blockchains such as Bitcoin. Aura Pool makes use of NFTs to allow miners to trade their clean energy hashrate via a sustainable marketplace that rewards environmentally friendly mining practices, while on the buyer’s side, it provides individuals and organizations with a unique opportunity to tap into this nascent ecosystem. Delux3, a renowned artist and former designer of a major global apparel brand, will be debuting the first hashrate collection on Aura Pool in March.

Importantly, Aura Pool removes all the technical complexities associated with Bitcoin mining for all Bitcoin enthusiasts. While traditional hashrate contracts are illiquid, Aura Pool brings liquidity through hashrate digital collectibles, using NFTs as the way to certify the ownership of the underlying hashrate and collectible artwork. As a member of Aura Pool you’ll enjoy exclusive early access to upcoming NFT drops from leading artists.

In addition to enabling users to browse, purchase, and exchange hashrate collections, the marketplace will also offer a gaming feature. With the ability to engage in daily  battles for each other’s hashrate, Aura Pool creates an entertaining gaming experience that expands the marketplace’s potential for future metaverse functionalities. By incorporating gaming into the mix, NFT and CUDOS token holders will be granted voting power that will ultimately determine the direction of future game development.

The implications of this integration are vast, as the community will be able to directly lead the development and evolution of the gaming element of Aura Pool. With its unique blend of cutting-edge technology and immersive gameplay, this development represents a significant step forward in the evolution of both cryptocurrency and gaming.

The past few years have demonstrated the popularity of NFT’s and the potential for new forms of tokenised infrastructure to play a major role in the future of finance, bringing new efficiencies and democratizing access to assets. Aura Pool is a great example of how this vision is being put into action, using the Cudos blockchain to provide the underlying infrastructure for a new and sustainable trend in tokenisation.

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