The temptation of an entrepreneur with Phil Teare, co-founder PureVolt

Serial entrepreneurs are always reinventing themselves as they see new opportunities and take them. One such serial entrepreneur is Phil Teare and his latest venture is PureVolt, a company that provides solar panels installations for homeowners. So, how did Phil get into solar panels? Ronan talks to Phil about this and more.

Phil talks about his background, what PureVolt does, the challenges of setting up a new business, working in a power crisis, government grants, how solar panels reduce your bills, solar farms and EV’s. Phil also talks about range anxiety, renewable energy, and digital nomads.

More about Phil Teare:

Despite his background in science and engineering, it was in business that Phil found his passion. He always believed that successful businesses are built onsustainability. As the science of climate change became clearer over recent years, he came to see that sustainability was just as important in other areas of his life. While switching to an electric car and solar PV electricity, he saw the appeal of a company which offers clear information in an open, honest and transparent way.

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