The proposed EU AI act and the future of AI Barry Scannell, consultant with William Fry

AI is becoming part of our daily lives as it is being used more in technology that we connect with. The EU has recognised this and are considering the introduction of the AI Act, an EU Regulation that introduces a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence. So, what will this proposed EU regulation do and what is the future of AI? Barry Scannell a consultant with Irish legal firm William Fry and an expert on the subject of AI and emerging technology talks to Ronan.

Barry talks about his background, AI in policing, the proposed EU AI act, the future of AI and more.

More about Barry Scannell:

Barry is a Consultant in William Fry’s Technology department. He specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), copyright, IP, technology law and data protection.

Barry is the former Director of Legal Affairs & Regulatory Compliance of one of Ireland’s leading music organisations, and has specialist knowledge and expertise in copyright law, with very strong music industry experience, particularly in the area of music licensing and media contracts.

Barry is one of the foremost experts in Ireland on issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI), particularly regarding copyright, currently researching a PhD on the subject. He has Chaired and sat on various international music industry committees dealing with AI, data protection and copyright. He currently sits on the Law Society of Ireland’s IP & Technology Committee.

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