The Privacy Mission: Achieving Ethical Data For Our Lives Online, reviewed

We look at this topical and relevant book, The Privacy Mission: Achieving Ethical Data For Our Lives Online, published by Wiley. 

The Privacy Mission: Achieving Ethical Data For Our Lives Online, reviewed

We do need to be up to speed and aware about why these issues are important and why we have to evolve and build robust structures to protect ourselves. Global social media companies may change their names, partly to dilute impact from scandals about how much of our personal data they have allowed to be sold to third parties to use for their own ends. However even with name changes, the bottom line remains that these companies do not have our best interests at heart. For these reasons and many more similar ones this book is topical and important.

The authors capture the key issues well, and explain what they are, and why these are a problem. Then they also discuss solutions and potential routes to take us toward what good to better could look like. It makes sense to be discussing these issues and we hope that this book does help to raise the bar in terms of what is expected of global social media companies, and everyone else who interacts with us when we go on line. An important book, well worth reading.

More about the book

The Privacy Mission is an insightful and practical discussion of contemporary data ethics and online privacy. In it, author Annie Machon – a renowned international speaker, former MI5 intelligence officer, media commentator, and political campaigner – shares her experienced and carefully researched perspective on the major historical developments that have shaped modern data ethics, the modern trends that continue to both threaten and change it, our use of technology, and the developments lying in wait for us in the future.

As our personal and professional lives increasingly take place online, data ethics is no longer an academic or niche concern for regulators and privacy enthusiasts. From copyright law to the increasing inseparability of corporate and state power, criminal hacking enterprises, and media censorship, this new book takes a deep dive into every important aspect of an issue that has a noticeable and direct impact on all of us.

In The Privacy Mission, Machon presents important perspectives on how the relevant historical and recent developments – such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the meaning of the word “privacy,” the existence of both fascism, communism, and populist politics, and the value of a free press – shape and change how we think about data ethics.

Including discussions of who controls access to the hardware and software that is increasingly used to spy on us, hack us, and farm our data, and which democratic, social, and personal threats we need to meet, mitigate, and respond to, The Privacy Mission offers practical solutions for individuals wishing to protect themselves, their families and communities through to leaders at modern companies, governments, and security agencies who wish to minimise the harmful impact of technological revolution.

It will also be of interest to policymakers, regulators, and academics who seek to influence the conversation around privacy, digital transformation, technology, and data.

More about the author

Annie Machon began her career working as an intelligence officer for MI5 and has extensive experience as an international public speaker, writer, media commentator, and political campaigner. She is now the director of the World Ethical Data Foundation – head of planning the World Ethical Data Forums –

• Machon has given keynote presentations at many international conferences focusing on technology, digital

civil liberties, security and surveillance. She also served for four years as the European Director of the drug reform organisation, LEAP: and, while helping to establish various national LEAP groups across the continent, gave a number of presentations to the UN, European parliaments and contributed to films such as “The Culture High”.

• Machon now does extensive media commentary on intelligence matters, Middle Eastern politics, internet freedoms, and much more. Further information can be found at my website: She also provides strategic media advice to companies and political campaigns, and give training in technology & ethical data solutions.

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