The new frontier in online sales Rónán Ó ’Dálaigh, Thriftify CEO

Thriftify, is a sustainable E-Commerce company that acts as an online retailer for 98% of Ireland’s charity shops and plans to expand its workforce with 20 new hires planned across the tech, e-commerce and sales and marketing sides of the business. As well as their expansion plans, Thriftify has just received a huge financial boost having just signed a €1.6m investment deal. Ronan talks to Rónán Ó ’Dálaigh, Thriftify CEO about how Thriftify and more.

Rónán talks about his background, what Thriftify does, the pandemic, the adoption of tech, sustainability, fashion, and planned obsolescence.


In 2018, Thriftify was founded by Rónán Ó Dálaigh, Timur Negru and Rahil Nazir, as the only dedicated online marketplace connecting charity shops with consumers. By combining their passion for social impact business with their love of thrifting in charity shops, the company was born. Since then, Thriftify has grown substantially and is now working with over 98% of the charity retailers in Ireland and expanding rapidly with charity shops across the UK.

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