The movement to make AI readily more accessible Denis Hannigan, AI Lead Accenture Ireland

AI adoption in Ireland is increasing especially amongst businesses and new research from Accenture Ireland backs this up. Ronan talks to Denis Hannigan, AI Lead Accenture Ireland just after Accenture Ireland released the findings of their new AI Maturity Index.

Denis talks about his background, AI in business, making AI readily more accessible, Accenture’s new AI Maturity Index and more.

More about Accenture Ireland:

Accenture Ireland brings together leaders in strategy, industry experts, enterprise function practitioners, business intelligence professionals, designers, data scientists, and many other specialised skills to see the possibilities all around your business and create positive, long-lasting change.

Some of the findings of their new AI Maturity Index include:

Irish companies are close to the global average today in terms of AI capabilities and they plan to be ahead of their global peers in three years.

Irish companies are keeping up with their global peers on AI strategy with 74% having a core AI strategy and critical tools in place (global average: 73%).

Top challenges in scaling AI for Irish companies include managing data ethics and responsible AI (16%), lack of clear vision and roadmap (12%) and shortage of AI skills (12%).

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