The Digital Euro, what to look out for, insights with Jonas Gross

The futures is here and most agree that for the medium term it will include a mix of payment options. The Chairman of the Digital Euro Association. Dr. Jonas Gross shares perspectives on the current focus of the Digital Euro design which is under consideration (not development). Our discussion takes interesting twists and turns.

The Digital Euro, what to look out for, insights with Jonas Gross

Dr. Jonas Gross is Chairman of the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and Chief Operating Officer at etonec. Jonas holds a PhD in economics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His main fields of interest are central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and monetary policy. Further, Jonas is co-host of the German podcast “Bitcoin, Fiat, & Rock’n’ Roll”, external lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and member of the expert panel of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum. Website:

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