The DFINITY Foundation Proof of Green initiative Dr. Aisling Connolly, The DFINITY Foundation

The DFINITY Foundation, the Swiss non-profit and major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain (ICP) has recently launched the Proof of Green (PoG) initiative. The PoG initiative aims to bring transparency and cut greenwashing in the blockchain industry by standardising how blockchains report carbon consumption. The DFINITY Foundation is working on the PoG initiative alongside Carbon Crowd – a climate tech startup developing solutions to decarbonise cloud infrastructure. Ronan talks to Aisling Connolly, a Senior Research Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation.

Aisling talks about her background, what difinity does, their new green initiative, the Metaverse and more.

More about The Proof of Green:

The Proof of Green initiative works by measuring the electricity draw of network devices. The carbon intensity of the electricity used by a device is determined by a number of factors, including the energy source e.g. coal, natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric. Once the carbon emissions have been determined and validated, it should be reported to the relevant parties, and made public.

The data must be human and machine readable. Carbon Crowd has developed and launched the world’s first, real-time carbon analytics dashboard for a blockchain protocol – this novel tracker was developed for the Internet Computer blockchain. This allows developers, blockchain enthusiasts and enterprises to make informed and educated decisions before choosing to build on or use the Internet Computer blockchain.

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