The biggest digital change agent Richard McGuinness, VP of Sales EMEA at ClickUp

The tech sector is in upheaval at the moment resulting in job losses. However, there is one tech company that is bucking this trend, the tech unicorn ClickUp. Since starting in 2017 they have had a meteoric rise and opened its European HQ in Dublin last year. Ronan talks to Richard McGuinness, who heads up their Ireland office and is also their VP of Sales EMEA.

Richard talks about his background, the pandemic, bringing yourself to work, portfolio management, what ClickUp does and more.

About ClickUp

ClickUp launched in 2017 and has raised $535 million over three rounds of funding since, valuing the business at $4 billion during its most recent fundraise in October 2021.

In the last year, they have tripled their revenue and grown its user base to 800,000+ teams worldwide, with notable customers including teams at Netflix,, McDonald’s, Zynga and Swift Transportation.

In Europe specifically, they announced the opening of its Dublin Office towards the end of 2021 to be the starting point for their wider international expansion, largely in the EMEA market.

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