The big problem Hendrik Roosna CEO and Founder Fairown

One of the big problems businesses face is how to recycle and replace technology such as computers, mobile phones and even lawnmowers. So how can businesses tackle this unnecessary waste? One business with a solution is Fairown a fintech company enabling a circular economy with more than 50,000 subscribers.

Fairown’s offering is particularly popular with Gen Z and millennials, who find it especially important to be environmentally conscious and place less importance on ownership of products.

Ronan talks to Hendrik Roosna the Founder and CEO of Fairown about his background, how Fairown started, what Fairown does, the big problem, the fact that 18% of consumer electronics are recycled, some of the big tech companies they deal with and more.

More about Fairown:

Fairown tackles unnecessary waste by providing a range of technology, from mobile phones to lawnmowers, for a monthly subscription in conjunction with leading technology brands and banks. Fairown manages the entire product life cycle, from purchase to periodic renewals and recycling.

Sustainability is at the core of Fairown’s mission. Many are surprised to discover that it takes over 80 tons of water to produce one smartphone, so it’s in everyone’s interest that an old phone won’t end up at the bottom of the drawer. It’s better if it enters a secondary market, thereby providing an additional revenue stream for companies they work with (on average, firms add around 10% to their revenue), or it can be recycled for raw materials, reducing the need to mine new ones.

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