The 2050 Accelerator Programme, Ashley Shak, Head of Sustainability and Programmes at Dogpatch Labs

Sustainability has become very important as we combat the climate crisis, so how do we help start-ups that want to solve various sustainability challenges? Well, Dogpatch Labs has set up The 2050 Accelerator Programme, Ireland’s national accelerator, set up in partnership with Kerry Group, ESB and Coillte. It aims to support 12 start-ups from Ireland and abroad to solve a number of sustainability challenges, working towards proof of concept. Ronan talks to Ashley Shak, Head of Sustainability and Programmes at Dogpatch Labs.

Ashley talks about her background, what she does at Dogpatch Labs, the 2050 Accelerator Programme and more.

More about the 2050 Accelerator Programme:

The accelerator programme gives top Irish and international startups the opportunity to work with companies leading Ireland’s transition to Net Zero. Together they will work towards practical pilot projects that will help them to rapidly scale their impact. Startups have unprecedented access to Ireland’s national sustainability infrastructure assets, including dairy farms, wind farms

The programme is playing a crucial role in combating the climate crisis by enabling start-ups to collaborate on climate-focused initiatives and positioning Ireland as a global testbed for innovation.

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