Techies Go Green Launches Go Green Ambassador Programme

Techies Go Green, a movement of IT and tech-oriented companies committed to decarbonising their businesses, has announced the launch of its Go Green Ambassador Programme.

These Go Green Ambassadors will be responsible for inspiring and enabling a culture of sustainability among the movement’s signatory community – now more than 250 members – as the world moves towards a carbon neutral future.

This group will raise awareness of sustainability by delivering environmental education through articles and virtual events, while motivating others to be more energy efficient through the adoption of environmentally friendly lifestyles and renewable energy resources.

They will also lead projects and develop initiatives to help reduce signatories’ environmental impact both at work and home, thus enabling and supporting a ‘think green, live green’ approach.

The Go Green Ambassadors include:

Membership Ambassador – Michael O’Hara, Group Managing Director, DataSolutions
Programmes Ambassador – Roberta McCrossan, Group Marketing Director, DataSolutions
Sustainable Technology Ambassador – Francis O’Haire, Group Technology Director, DataSolutions
Sustainability Communications Ambassador – Allan Chapman, Managing Director, Comit PR
Sponsorship Ambassador – Dermott Reilly, CEO, IngeniaTouch
Circular Computing Ambassador – David Dorling, Chief Sales Officer, Prime Computer
Sustainable Energy Ambassador – Conor Daly, Customer Solutions Product Manager, ESB Ireland
Sustainability Measurement Ambassador – John Gladstone, Sustainability Lead, Softcat

Techies Go Green also has a partnership programme which encourages greater engagement and collaboration among the community by allowing member organisations to promote their own sustainability services and products.

These organisations are listed in a directory of Go Green partners which provide solutions to aid greater sustainability and green business practices. They are also promoted via the Techies Go Green website, newsletter and webinar series.

Michael O’Hara said: “Our aim at Techies Go Green is to encourage and enable as many organisations as possible to create a sustainable future, not just for their own business but the wider community and the world as a whole.

“The key to bringing about real change is collective action, driven by verifiably sustainable business practices and lifestyles. However, in order to act, people need to know where to start and that’s where the education piece is so crucial.

“Techies Go Green – led by our Go Green Ambassadors and Go Green Partners – plugs this gap, providing companies with the knowledge and direction around how they can be more environmentally friendly. Together, we can share experience, lead change and drive impact.”

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