Stop Talking, Start Doing, 10th anniversary edition, reviewed

We look at  Stop Talking, Start Doing by Sháá Wasmund and Richard Newton.

Stop Talking, Start Doing, 10th anniversary edition, reviewed

Books like this have an appeal, like New Year’s resolutions, the desire to change your habits and the things you do, to take on better ones, and to achieve your life goals. At the same time it can sometimes be a question of horses for courses. Any of these books might change your life, if you can persevere and get to the end of them. This book has clearly been successful to have reached a ten anniversary edition.

Most of the data and facts have been updated accordingly, but we did come across one table, dated from 2006. This then slightly undermines the current impact of the book, because you then begin to wonder how much else of the book is simply a retread of prose created a long time ago. It is possible that some of it is more timeless nature. We liked the images, and the punchiness of the text (pun not really intended, but maybe it applies). It could be the kick start that you are looking for?

More about the book

For anyone who has an itch to start their own business, go to the North Pole, retrain, get fit, get promoted, learn to play the ukulele, or simply has a nagging sense that there must be more to life, this 10th Anniversary edition of Stop Talking, Start Doing is the kick in the pants needed to make that thing happen.

In it, author and accomplished entrepreneur Sháá Wasmund explains that, to get started, you have to climb into the ring. You have to face your fears and move from talking to doing.

Asking: 10 years on, what’s still stopping people?, this new edition of the best-selling book contains updated exercises and introduces new topics such as:

How to get going even when you feel like giving up
How to find courage even when you’re scared, and
How to control the mind monkeys

Delivering a call to action for anyone looking to kick their life into high gear and start realising their wildest dreams, Stop Talking, Start Doing will help readers learn to harness that feeling that they should be doing something more and turn it into a positive force for change – moving from words and thoughts to concrete actions, putting fears and anxieties in their place, and focusing on the rewards that wait around the corner.

The 10th Anniversary edition of Stop Talking, Start Doing will be available wherever books and ebooks are sold, priced £11.99.

More about the author: Sháá Wasmund, who was born in the US and raised in the UK. She studied at the London School of Economics before becoming the only licensed female boxing promoter in the world at the time, working with the legendary Super Middle Weight Champion Chris Eubank.

She then set up her own PR company and met the formidable Sir James Dyson who became her first client, where she helped grow the Dyson brand to what it is today. She has had multiple online businesses, including one with Sir Bob Geldof and another sold to BSkyB. She also ran an investment fund and launched what became the largest online resource for small businesses in the UK. Since 2017, Sháá has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to live big and work smart.

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