Something is fundamentally flawed in terms of how data security and cyber security is working Mark Brosnan, Co-founder and CEO Getvisibility

In today’s current climate, businesses have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, so storing data correctly and safely is paramount. Getvisibility is a Cork-based company that has developed an AI-powered platform which gives organisations visibility, control and understanding of their data.

By using technologies to store data correctly, organisations can strengthen their defences, so they don’t fall victim to paying ransomware. Ronan talks to Mark Brosnan, the Co-founder and CEO of Getvisibility.

Mark talks about his background, what Getvisibility does, AI, their recent partnership with SealPath and more.

More about Getvisibility:

Getvisibility discovers, categorises and classifies unstructured data (documents and emails) across an organisation. The platform does this using a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, end users can manually classify documents on creation with the help of an AI agent. This classification is later checked and amended if needed by Getvisibility’s machine learning engine.

Secondly, the software scans legacy documents and emails in the organisation’s environment. Getvisibility also provides risk and compliance assessments as well as enforcing protection on sensitive data.

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