Skin pathologies identified up to 95% accuracy

With up to 95% accuracy: A Dutch startup has released an application that can
identify more than 50 skin pathologies using photos

According to WHO, today skin diseases are among the ten most frequent reasons to consult a doctor. Around the world, almost 2 billion people have various skin problems. At the same time, about 30% of cases that require medical intervention are diagnosed too late or are not diagnosed at all. A Dutch startup has released the Skinive mobile application that allows you to analyze skin pathologies for free and immediately assess whether they are dangerous or not, and whether there is a necessity to have an additional medical examination.

Skin pathologies identified up to 95% accuracy

The neural network is able to identify more than 50 skin diseases: melanoma, acne, warts, moles, papillomas, herpes, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and much more.
According to developers’ idea, the application should teach people to take care not only of their outer beauty, but also of skin health. The team emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and how modern technologies make it simple and affordable for everyone.

Skinive advances the initiative to conduct weekly self-examination of the skin
throughout the body and record any changes. And the mobile application will allow you to make an assessment of the risk of diseases based on photos.
«People are not used to make self-examination of their skin, they often delay a visit to the doctor, they cannot assess the risks on their own. Our development makes it possible to examine the skin 24/7 and instantly get results about possible diseases with very high accuracy. And all you need is a smartphone,» says Kirill Sokol, Founder/CEO Skinive.

It is important to understand that Skinive does not make diagnoses, but assesses the level of risk and indicates the likelihood of the disease. Our task is to teach people to monitor skin health, and this should be a useful a habit like brushing your teeth. The sooner the problem is detected, the more successful and cheaper the treatment will be.

Before launching Skinive for mass users, the developers had been collecting one of the largest databases in the world for several years, teaching artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize skin problems using photos, and the effectiveness of its work was tested by general practitioners, dermatologists and cosmetologists.

During this time, it was possible to analyze more than 650,000 different skin pathologies and identify tens of thousands of diseases, including melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. After use in their practice, doctors rated Skinive’s performance as high and very high. Today, the degree of accuracy of the application in the study of skin formations reaches 95%, which is comparable to the level
of a professional dermatologist.

Thanks to the recognition of the professional medical community, the creators managed to successfully pass certification on the territory of the European Union. Skinive is considered a medical device that uses clinically proven technologies.
When registering in the Skinive application, the user needs to specify gender, year of birth, skin type and choose one of the six suggested color types – from Celtic and European light- skinned to Indonesian and African-American. The quality of the photo of the neoplasm that the user makes using the application is very important. Bright natural light, the absence of redundant objects on the photo, maximum magnification, and after a few seconds of data processing, the user receives the result.

Developers continue to update and train the neural network to increase the list of recognized diseases. The Skinive team plans to become a new standard of dermatological research for both patients and medical professionals who use only a smartphone for screening.

The main functions of the Skinive mobile app are available to users for free. But the
developers have also provided a paid version with advanced features. The creators plan to donate a third of the income from paid subscriptions to the Skinive Foundation, which draws the attention of people around the world to the importance of skin health, teaches using its resources to properly conduct self-examination, and helps prevent serious skin diseases at an early stage.

The Skinive app is available in 8 languages – English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Hindi, Bangla, Filipino, and is officially available for download worldwide, except the USA and Canada. Users can find the app in the App Store and Google Play.

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