SIRO Announces 10 Gigabit Speeds are Now Available on their Broadband Network

SIRO, the broadband network operator, has today announced that its’ fibre broadband network is now a 10 Gigabit network.

SIRO’s announcement comes following the completion of a 15-month, €10 million investment upgrade programme, implemented to ensure the company’s network can deliver the fastest speeds available.

SIRO’s decision to make 10 Gigabit speeds available is driven by the ever-increasing data demands of enterprise year-on-year and the necessity to have a future-proofed network primed to respond to the needs of businesses.

SIRO, a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone, is currently rolling out a 100% fibre broadband network across 154 towns and cities across Ireland, with services currently available to 450,000+ premises and reaching 770,000 premises over the next four years.

In October 2021, SIRO launched 2 Gigabit speeds for the residential market. Today’s announcement of 10 Gigabits is initially focused on the enterprise market. The latter have a need to progressively scale up their bandwidth from 2 Gigabits up to 10 Gigabits in the short to medium term.

The upgrade to 10 Gigabits reflects SIRO’s ambition to continuously bring innovation to the Irish broadband market. SIRO is Ireland’s sole open-access wholesale-only broadband operator and was first to introduce 1 Gigabit broadband to Irish homes. It is now stretching its offering further with speeds of 2 up to 10 Gigabits for residential and enterprise customers, respectively.

The benefits of Multi-Gigabit Speeds Include:

Ensure fastest speeds: Symmetrical speeds up to ten times faster than the best standard currently available of up to 1 Gigabit. A 10 Gigabit connection can transfer 1 Gigabit of data in 0.8 seconds or upload a file of 20 Gigabits in under 20 seconds.

Provide scalable connectivity: A future-proofed connection to support the increasing number of connected devices used by businesses.

Enhance cyber protection: Enhanced data and network protection by facilitating network management systems which reduce cybersecurity risks.

Support new technologies: The bandwidth to integrate emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D technology or voice recognition tools.

Commenting on the announcement, SIRO CEO, John Keaney, said:

“For SIRO, completing our transition to a 10 Gigabit-enabled network is about ensuring we don’t lag behind what our customers want and need.

“All aspects of business processes and operations are increasingly digitised. Reliable and future-proofed connectivity is the foundation upon which they all rest.

“This upgrade, and the higher speed it unlocks, gives enterprises the opportunity to plan and scale up their bandwidth requirements as their data demands and business requirements grow.

Rather than wait for the broadband infrastructure to catch up, businesses can now have the certainty that they can access higher speeds and capacity as and when they need it,” added Mr Keaney.

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