Sia Partners Achieves Remarkable Growth, Achieving 27% Headcount Increase in Q2/3 2023 in Ireland; Aims To Continue Expansion into 2024

Sia Partners, the next-generation consulting firm, has announced the firm grew its operations across Ireland and the UK significantly in the last 12 months following 27% growth globally in 2022, and 38% in the prior year. The global firm has nearly doubled in size from 1,700 in 2020 to 2,800 currently.  Sia Partners in Ireland and the UK has continued significant growth plans in four key markets for 2024, principally in Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and London.

Headquartered in Paris, with 44 offices spanning 19 countries, the company has cultivated extensive expertise in diverse industries, including utilities, banking, insurance, tech, life sciences, healthcare, transportation, public services and the hyper growth sectors in ESG, luxury goods, bio energy, mobility, retail and in new areas such as the metaverse and the space sectors. This knowledge has been enriched through strategic acquisitions and senior appointments, exemplified by the acquisition of Pathfinder in 2020, and the appointment of Gary O’Sullivan as Managing Partner UK & Ireland in 2022. O’Sullivan spearheads the company’s operations in the UK and Ireland as Managing Partner, successfully increasing the firms headcount by over 25% since his appointment and setting this ambitious target to double the firms footprint for 2026 in selected growth areas where next generation consulting approach can make a material difference to our clients success and impact.

“Sia Partners has experienced exceptional growth over the past three years, and we are fully committed to our expansion plans in 2024 and beyond,” said Gary O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at Sia Partners. “Our remarkable progress is a testament to our multinational and solutions-led team, harnessing cutting-edge expertise, data science and fast emerging technologies to drive innovation for our clients and reshape organisations for long-term success. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate welcoming onboard talented individuals, including our new Managing Director in Energy, Utilities & Environment, Dr. Nico O’Rourke, who will play an integral role in servicing our clients in these areas of hyper transformation.”

Growth continues to be a priority for the next-generation consultancy firm going into the new year, with a strong focus on four key markets – Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and London. Sia Partners looks to continue growing its graduate programme this year, having doubled it in the year previous.

Matthieu Courtecuisse, CEO and Founder of Sia Partners, said; “Ireland is a leading commerce and innovation hub in Europe, hosting some of the world’s most impactful companies, many of which we are proud to call clients. With the growth we are experiencing in the Irish market, and the growth we intend to achieve, we are confident that this hub of innovation will continue to drive our guidance to our clients amidst any oncoming headwinds.”

In the past year Sia Partners has made significant investment in Energy & Utilities in its Dublin branch, following great success in the UK market. Sia Partners is additionally gearing up to grow its Data Science division of the brand, reflecting current market demands and new applications of Data Science across a growing variety of industries.

In 2023, Sia Partners introduced SiaGPT, the latest in augmented consulting capabilities, offered to  its clients as a SaaS product. The tool is designed to expedite consulting workflows, enhance user experience and boost productivity. SiaGPT is also adaptable within predefined expertise universes, covering diverse domains like ESG and life sciences. Developed in late 2021, it leverages proprietary datasets, including Sia Partners’ intellectual property, and multimodal LLM technologies from organisations such as OpenAI.

The company currently employs over 2,800 people and works with over 850 companies globally, including; An Post, ESB, AXA, ICON Plc and Microsoft in Dublin. The service offering spans across multiple industries including; business transformation, public sector organisations, energy & utilities, supply chain management, financial performance, growth & innovation and compliance.

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