Sei Network’s Jay Jog Reveals Asian Expansion Strategy

We caught up with Jayendra Jog, co-founder of Sei, to discuss their formation, and rapid recent growth, as well as their future plans to expand into Asia.

Sei Network’s Jay Jog Reveals Asian Expansion Strategy

More news about Sei Network cofounded by Jay Jog

MEXC, the world’s leading crypto asset trading platform, announced a $20M dedicated fund to support the development of key projects on Sei Network, the layer 1 blockchain purpose-built for defi applications, designed to expedite the onboarding of institutional players at scale. This brings Sei’s total funding to over 70m in just over 8 months since inception. So, what’s next?

Sei is currently in testnet, soon to launch mainnet at the end of Q1, and has already captured the imagination and attention of the global traditional finance community, as well as Sei’s burgeoning crypto-native web3 community, with over 300k members

Jay shares information on upcoming events this month in Tokyo with dydx, and other important additional early pillars of Asian expansion coming up this quarter, and tie in Sei’s many news pegs with other key 2023 trends and news in the space.

The Sei ecosystem is expanding!

This fine Friday we’re excited to share @CrescentHub and Sei are working on collaborations for the expanding DeFi ecosystem across the @cosmos.

2023 is going to be the best year yet for the Interchain.

— Sei (@SeiNetwork) January 13, 2023

About Jay Jog
Jay is the co-founder of Sei, the first sector specific L1 blockchain, specialized for trading. He was previously an engineering lead at Robinhood, where he saw the company 10x in employee count and go through major milestones such as the IPO. In 2021, he started building a decentralized Robinhood with his friend, eventually leading to the formation of Sei.

About Sei
Sei serves as the infrastructure for the future financial system to support capital markets, starting with exchanges. As the first Layer 1 specialized for trading, Sei is the fastest chain to finality, optimizing every layer of the stack to give exchanges an unfair advantage. Exchanges are the killer app of crypto, but current Layer 1s hold them back. Most L1s fall into two extremes, general-purpose and app-specific. Sei unlocks a new design space in between as a sector-specific L1.

There are currently 100+ teams from Solana, Polkadot, Terra, and NEAR building on top of Sei going into mainnet. The team is backed by Multicoin, Delphi, Tangent, and several MMs like Hudson River Trading, and GSR.

Listen to Sei Network’s @jayendra_jog re Asian Expansion @SeiNetwork by @Irish_TechNews News Podcast. ?

— Simon Cocking (@SimonCocking) January 16, 2023

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