Say yes to everything Katherine Giovannone, Founder MEsquad Kids

Setting up a startup can be one of the most hardest things you can do, but doing it during a global pandemic makes it one of the most stressful. Not being able to meet clients face to face, worrying about money and if you can get enough product from your supplier.

One person who has done this is Katherine Giovannone the founder of MEsquad Kids which she founded in 2021 at the peak of the global pandemic. Katherine’s story is very inspiring and well worth a listen.

Ronan talks to Katherine about her background, what MEsquad Kids does, setting up and running a startup during a pandemic, where MEsquad Kids are going next and more.

More about MEsquad:

MEsquad was founded by eyewear industry professional Katherine Giovannone in 2021 after years of planning. Her mission: Durable, affordable and customisable glasses for all kids. After more than two decades working in the eyewear industry, Katherine acted on her passion by designing an innovative and patented eyeglass hinge that lets kids participate in the eyewear design process without the use of any tools.

Durable:  It was very important to Katherine when she was designing the frame that it wouldn’t break. Research shows that 90% of all breaks happen right at the hinge, so that’s where she started when thinking about reinventing the way glasses were designed. With other products and creations coming in the next few years, Katherine is just getting started.

Affordable: As a daughter of immigrant parents, Katherine was reminded of the struggles growing up. Thankfully she didn’t need glasses or braces as a child or teen, but wonders now what her parents would have had to have given up for her to have glasses if she needed them.  As a mother now, she recognises that this struggle is real for many people locally and globally with the situation worsening post-pandemic.

Customisable: Katherine patented (US and China) the hinge which requires no tools to put together the frames. This allows for kids to design their own frames.  The app on the website allows for you to design the frame and then try it on as you designed it, virtually.

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