Reversible power-to-gas systems insights Professor Stefan Reichelstein, Director of the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies

Hydrogen could be an economically viable addition to electricity supplies if it is converted on reversible power-to-gas systems, finds research from the University of Mannheim Business School.

According to Professor Stefan Reichelstein, Director of the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies, green hydrogen is currently expensive because the turbines that generate electricity from hydrogen can only work one direction.

As such, they are used sparingly to beef up electricity supply when renewable sources produce too little. Reversible systems can generate hydrogen for industrial processes when there is ample electricity and reverse the process when necessary, so will be utilised far more frequently. European companies are leading the charge in developing the technology for reversible power-to-gas systems, and the more these systems are installed, the more production costs will drop, says Professor Reichelstein. Ronan talks to Professor Reichelstein.

Professor Reichelstein talks about his background, why green hydrogen is more expensive, reversible power-to-gas systems and more.

More about Professor Stefan Reichelstein:

Professor Reichelstein is known internationally for his research on the interface of management accounting and economics. Much of his work has addressed issues in cost- and profitability analysis, decentralisation, internal pricing and performance measurement. His research projects have spanned analytical models, empirical work and field studies.

Professor Reichelstein’s papers have been published consistently in leading management and economic journals. Insights from his research have been applied by a range of corporations and government agencies. In recent years, Professor Reichelstein has also studied the cost competitiveness of low-carbon energy solutions, with a particular focus on solar PV and carbon capture by fossil fuel power plants.

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