Rest leads to Creativity – Hard work leads to ill-health

(As an Employer or Employee, which brings the most benefits?)

I often hear people use the metaphor that the computer is like a brain.

Unfortunately, I am not qualified to know if this analogy is correct.

It seems to me that the computer has a long way to go before this happens, if it ever does!

However, I will use the analogy for the purpose of this article.

I’m looking forward to getting away from my screen today. The last few days have been very intense and prolonged.

Today I have designated as an “Artist Date”. A day to let my mind go “walk about” wherever it likes, while recovering like a computer in sleep mode. The computer, while sleeping, unjumbles everything and puts some order into its files.

An Artist Date examples:

The best thing for me to do is talk about some of the things I do to refresh and reinvigorate myself.

Golf for a couple of hours for nine holes, and I return refreshed, having put aside the issue that was bothering me; you will find a solution presents itself over a cup of coffee or a beer.

I attended a live music session last week. I went to see “Dervish” as part of the Templebar Tradfest, an outstanding performance. A whole city enlivened by our national music for a week brought to us by people who care for our cultural heritage. What a great event.

Here is a particular challenge:

Do something that does not require you to spend money.

A walk on Dun Laoghaire pier or Howth Head [just keeping the South siders and North siders happy], take the air in one of Coillte’s national forests and allow the trees to reduce your stress levels and improve your health

When you do something for a day and spend no money, it’s very satisfying.

A picnic from your kitchen while in the company of a friend you have not seen in a while is always great.

Pick someone who in the past has inspired you. (Thanks, Don)

A good night’s sleep:

Our brain is like a computer; it must be allowed to sleep. Helping us to come back refreshed and ready for the next day’s opportunities. Be sure to leave your device/ screens outside the bedroom.

“Live for today, archive the past, and plan for the future”

Take some time to have an Artist’s Date and do something that encourages your creativity in the next ten days.

P.S. Let me know how you get on!

By Executive Coach Andrew Keogh of