Refurbed x 48: Green Technology Meets Telecoms as New Partnership Launched

Refurbed, Ireland’s leading refurbished electronics marketplace, has launched a new partnership with 48, which is powered by Three – Ireland’s fastest mobile network. Refurbed and 48 will come together to provide new and existing 48 customers with the option of buying a cheaper, sustainable refurbished smartphone through the 48 dedicated app and website. The announcement marks refurbed’s first partnership within the Irish market as more consumers, particularly young people, are making the conscious decision to buy more sustainable products to reduce their carbon footprint.

48 is Ireland’s first totally digital mobile brand, popular among customers who enjoy commitment-free, data-controlled packages. As a result of this partnership, 48 customers will enjoy a holistic experience as phones and sim cards will be brought to one place, making life a little bit easier for those wanting to buy ‘green.’ Through the My48 App and website, 48 customers will enjoy refurbed’s full selection of refurbished smartphones.

Refurbed, who was recently awarded the LinkedIn Top Start-Up in Austria for 2022, and 48 are both passionate about sustainability and financial empowerment. Refurbed’s smartphones are up to 40% more affordable than new devices and are 100% sustainable. The refurbishment process that refurbed’s smartphones undergo is up to 40 steps and produces 70% less CO2 emissions compared to the creation of a new device.

To offset the remaining 30%, refurbed plants a tree for every product sold. 48 sends its sim cards in compostable packaging and offers its customers the best value plan on the market as awarded at the 2022 Mobile Awards. Both companies go hand-in-hand in offering their customers a sustainable and affordable mobile package. As part of this partnership, refurbed will plant a tree for every smartphone sold to 48 customers, with the option to plant a native tree in Ireland.

Speaking on the announcement, Pádraig Power, refurbed’s Marketing Manager for Ireland said, “We are delighted to partner with 48, Ireland Best Value Mobile Network. We are excited to broaden our reach through this partnership, bringing refurbed’s smartphones to 48 customers. It is essential that affordable and sustainable alternatives are available to Irish consumers, particularly those looking to make a saving as the cost of living crisis continues.

“As a society, we often try to improve our sustainability efforts, but find it challenging. This is why we are proud to present an offer that is actually both sustainable, and cheaper. Together with 48, we will help new and existing 48 customers stay up-to-date with the latest smartphones at more affordable rates while also positively impacting the environment.

“This partnership is a milestone in refurbed’s journey in Ireland. We are thrilled to partner with a prominent Irish brand such as 48. The demand for sustainable alternatives in all industries is becoming more apparent among Irish consumers. With this partnership, we are demonstrating that sustainable practices can be incorporated into everyday life such as your mobile sim plan. We are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership.”

David Ward, Head of New Products and Propositions, 48 added, “We are proud to announce that 48 is partnering with refurbed, who recently launched their proposition in Ireland of selling refurbished devices at a very reasonable cost and who are offering products up to 40% cheaper and 100% sustainable. This collaboration allows us to place our customers at the core of the partnership, as any existing 48 customer now has the option to buy a refurbished device from refurbed through the My48 app and website once logged into their account. 

“We also know our customers are very passionate about sustainability, which is another key element of the partnership, and to demonstrate this commitment, for every device bought from refurbed, they will plant a tree on behalf of our customers. We invite all customers, current and new, to check out the range of options and more information on their My48 account.”

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