Refurbed Partners with Irish Supplier TekEir to meet Irish Customers Sustainable Tech Demands

Refurbed, Ireland’s leading online marketplace for refurbished electronic devices has announced its partnerships with its Irish supplier TekEir, based in Portarlington in Co Laois. This partnership is timely, as it makes the option of buying more sustainable, refurbished products more available to consumers in Ireland.

The partnerships demonstrate refurbed’s continued growth in Ireland. Refurbed will work with TekEir to carry out the company’s 40-step refurbishment process which will allow refurbed to cut down on the delivery time for Irish consumers and reduce their overall carbon footprint. Moreover, the partnership expands the reach of Ireland’s circular economy, as it enables refurbished Irish devices to be purchased across 13 European countries.

Refurbed is passionate about helping strengthen Ireland’s sustainability efforts, as also seen in 2022. In March 2022, refurbed partnered with the Irish tree-planting initiative Reforest Nation to provide customers with the option to pick Ireland as a location to plant a tree. Since this partnership’s launch, refurbed’s Irish customers have planted over 8,000 native trees in Ireland.

The refurbed x Tekir partnership comes about at a time when it is vital for consumers to think more consciously about their consumption habits. Earth Overshoot Day is the day on which human consumption of raw materials can no longer be covered by the formation of new resources. Ireland’s Overshoot Day falls on the 21st of April this year, meaning that after this day, we are stealing natural resources from future Irish generations.

Therefore the partnership between TekEir and refurbed demonstrates both refurbed’s continued commitment to local Irish businesses and its promotion of circular shopping habits among Irish consumers, encouraging sustainable consumption and reducing e-waste. All of which will have an impact on moving the date of Ireland’s Overshoot Days in the future.

Pádraig Power, Marketing Manager of refurbed Ireland said “We are delighted to announce this partnership between refurbed and TekEir. It strengthens refurbed’s presence in Ireland and demonstrates the interest that Irish consumers have in refurbished electronics. It also broadens the reach of the Irish circular economy to a European-wide audience. We are looking forward to continuing to work alongside TekEir to deliver high-quality sustainable technology to our Irish customers and beyond”.

Pádraig added “This partnership deepens our commitment to our Irish market and we want to help improve the Irish environment along with this. With Ireland’s Overshoot Day landing on the 21st of April this year, it is a stark reminder of the change in our consumption that is needed in order to have a positive impact on the environment. We want to encourage consumers to think about where their electronic devices come from and the impact that they may have on the environment. Buying refurbished technology will allow Irish consumers to take back some control, and reduce their e-waste and carbon footprints, which in the long term will hopefully push Ireland’s Overshoot Day to a later date”. 

“We are excited to partner with Refurbed and work together towards our shared goal of reducing e-waste and promoting sustainable consumption in Ireland. As we approach Ireland’s Overshoot Day, it’s more important than ever to take action towards a more sustainable future. By offering high-quality refurbished tech products on refurbed’s platform, we’re not only providing affordable and sustainable options for consumers, but also contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and waste. This partnership is a step towards strengthening sustainability within Ireland and creating a positive impact on the environment” said TekEir co-Founder and Head of Operations Peter Walsh on the announcement.

Since establishing a presence in Ireland, refurbed has had many accomplishments such as launching a B2B offering and refurbished household appliances, as well as game consoles and kitchen appliances over the last 12 months. These categories are part of refurbed’s ongoing expansion of its offering. Refurbed now has a device in 1 in 30 households in Ireland, just since it started operations in March 2021, and is on its way to becoming the Amazon of refurbished products.

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