Refurbed launches a sustainable B2B offering in the Irish market

refurbed, Ireland’s leading online marketplace for refurbished electronics, have announced the National Sustainability Summit its launch into the B2B market. Irish companies can now use refurbed to shop for their electronic devices. Refurbed has a range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors, desktops, printers, and scanners available. This new category allows businesses to enact the circular economy while also staying up to date with the latest technology.

The B2B offering is available to all businesses in Ireland on orders of 10 items or more through a simple order process, with no limit on the number of devices requested. Businesses can submit an order request to refurbed’s B2B website by searching this url or by finding it in the footer of refurbed’s website. Then the refurbed team reaches out with a bespoke quote based on the products requested, once accepted, refurbed invoices the company and processes the order.

All of refurbed’s products undergo a up to 40-step refurbishment process to ensure products are restored to factory settings. Thus far, a number of Irish companies have tested refurbed’s B2B offering and saw an average saving of 65% versus buying new. There is a minimum 12-month guarantee on all products and refurbed’s B2B products operate under a reverse VAT charge.

Additionally, the refurbishment process reduces carbon emissions by 70% compared to manufacturing new electronic devices, and refurbed plants a tree with every purchase to offset any carbon emissions during the refurbishment process. Businesses can save an average of 12 KG of e-waste and plant an average of 24 trees per B2B order. Refurbed also supplies a digital badge for companies to sport proudly on their websites to show that their business opted for sustainable tech.

Uniquely, refurbeds allow businesses to sell their old tech in the B2B Buyback scheme. This means if a business has 10 devices or more to sell, the business can contact refurbed with further details on the products. Refurbed  offers the products at a minimum price directly to its refurbisher network across Europe and then proposes the best offer received to the business selling them.

Speaking on the announcement, Pádraig Power, refurbed’s Marketing Manager for Ireland, said: ‘I am ecstatic to see refurbed’s Irish offering grow even further. This is a groundbreaking day for Ireland’s circular economy and one that I hope marks a positive step towards a greener future for our businesses. With this new category now available, Irish companies can ensure that their offices and work-from-home setups are well equipped with not only affordable, but top-quality, sustainable technology, and do their part for the environment.’ 

The introduction of this new category is part of refurbed’s ongoing expansion of its offering. Having recently launched refurbished game consoles and household appliances to Irish customers, refurbed now has a device in 1 in 40 households in Ireland, just since it started operations in March 2021, and is on its way to becoming the Amazon of refurbished products.

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