refurbed Announces New Sport Tech Category Available to Irish Customers

refurbed, Europe’s fastest growing online marketplace for refurbished electronic devices, has announced the Irish launch of its line of refurbished sporting equipment. Customers can view the range of models on the company’s website, which includes children’s and regular bikes, electric scooters and e-bikes, as well as gym, yoga and skiing equipment. Brands include Bemoov, Bianchi, Merida, hejhej, Xiaomi and kaala.

This launch reaffirms refurbed´s commitment to ensuring sustainability and that the circular economy is at the forefront of the company’s practices, while also providing access to the most cutting edge tech at an affordable price. According to a survey conducted at the end of last year, refurbed have found that already 1 in 4 Irish consumers have purchased a refurbished device with 1 in 2 people considering buying a refurbished electronic device. The appetite for sustainable options in the Irish market is growing.

Speaking after the  announcement, Pádraig Power, refurbed’s marketing manager for Ireland said: “refurbed’s commitment to the circular economy across the entire spectrum of consumerism is unwavering. We are proud to continuously establish ourselves as a sustainable engine in every product line to ensure that people from all walks of life can afford to exist sustainably while also having access to high quality and front of the line products.”

Pádraig continues, “Ireland has seen a shift towards health and fitness in recent years, and this launch is something we have been working hard towards to satiate Irish consumers’ fitness demands with more sustainable, and affordable options. Looking at the latest consumer trends from Ireland and our other European markets, it is clear that consumers as a whole are becoming more environmentally conscious when buying electronic devices, provided it meets their pricing expectations. Sustainability cannot afford to be a luxury.”

Based on refurbed’s 2023 research consumer electronic research with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, the refurbishment process on average reduces carbon emissions by 80% compared to the manufacturing of a new electronic device. Allowing Irish outdoor enthusiasts to get the best cost from their equipment while minimising their impact on the environment is no longer a pipe dream.

Customers can prioritise affordability and the circular-economy while availing of a 30-day trial period to test the product. refurbed also offers a minimum warranty of 12 months  on their sport equipment, to ensure consumers are completely satisfied with their purchase. On top of this, refurbed products are up to 40% cheaper compared to other new devices, which comes in extremely useful for notoriously expensive sports equipment.

Additionally, refurbed supports environmental initiatives for the purchase of their devices, including offering customers the option to plant a native Irish tree for free, for each device sold.. That means customers will be able to help rebuild Ireland’s forests and will assist in creating habitats and ecosystems for local wildlife.

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